About Us

Our products are at the centre of everything we do and each and every one is chosen keeping the same values in mind. We ethically source products and components from all over the world under Fair Trade protocol, and whether it’s brass from India or recycled glassware from Spain, we are looking for the same thing; beautifully designed objects that are skillfully made by hand and exclusive to us. Most of our products are made using recycled materials such as glass,brass or cotton fibres, and we do not use recycled materials is when we feel the exacting quality we demand would be compromised.

We take care over choosing both the materials used to make our products and the people who supply them. By supporting independent craftsmen and women we can be confident in providing our customers with items which not only look good and perform well, but that also make them feel good.

We also make another promise to our customers; majority of our products are designed exclusively for us and in many cases by us. You won’t find the same products anywhere else.

We are based in Southampton, Hampshire (England) and this is where we personally check and package all of our products before shipping.

Our products are available to buy here as well as our Amazon.co.uk online shop.

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