Recycled Glass - Go Green with Grehom

Recycled glassware is made from glass thrown by us in the bin. Glass has a unique property that it does not degrade in the recycling process, therefore it can be recycled infinitely. This property makes recycled glassware sold by us a sustainable product. Process of recycling glass is simple. The glass thrown by us in our bins is taken to a treatment plant where it is sorted for colour and washed to remove any contamination. This washed glass is then crushed. The recycled glass used in Grehom’s recycled glassware is 100% crushed glass which is melted in a furnace at very high temperatures. This melted glass is then reshaped by skilled artisans or machines into wine glasses, tumblers, vases, lamp bases, hurricane lamps, bottles and many other tableware items. Skilled artisans are needed for all of our hand blown recycled glassware. All of our recycled glass wine glasses and most of our recycled glass tumblers are hand blown. Our product descriptions clearly state which items are hand blown.

We would like to thank you for purchasing and using recycled glass items. By doing so, you have improved the green rating of your lifestyle. Increase in consumption of recycled glass items results in lower energy consumption and lower carbon emissions compared to manufacture of completely new glass from standard raw materials. Please encourage family, friends and colleagues in the office to bring at least one item of recycled glass into their daily lives. There are plenty of options to choose from-wine glasses, tumblers, vases, lamp bases, hurricane lamps, bottles and many other tableware items.

At Grehom, most of our tableware are made from recycled glass and recycled brass. Everytime you buy one of our items, you can feel pride in having contributed to lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions.

We are frequently asked if Recycled Glassware can be washed in dishwashers. Items made from recycled glass have similar properties as normal glass. So, they can be washed in a dishwasher but it is always recommended to use the settings mentioned for glassware in the manual supplied with your dishwasher.

Our recycled glass items would always carry a natural light green tint unless the item is being sold as a coloured item. This natural green tint is a property of the type of glass used for recycling. Since the glassware is sold in different designs and shapes, they can reflect light differently giving an impression that the glasses are differently coloured but it is simply a result of the way light is reflected.

Bubbles, stress marks and occasional undulations are natural outcome of using recycled glass, therefore it is a proof of their authenticity. Subtle differences between glasses from the same batch are also possible. These minor imperfections in recycled glassware are loved by our customers and are often a point of delightful conversation.

We hope the information on this page is convincing enough for you to adopt recycled glass items in your daily life. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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