Reed Diffuser Sets

Q. What are the tips for making the best use of the Grehom Reed Diffuser Kit?
A. This kit contains 10 reeds, 1 Diffuser Oil Bottle and 1 Vase. To use this kit, put the reeds in the vase and fill it with the supplied diffuser oil. It is easy to change the level of scent by changing the number of reeds or the amount of diffuser oil. Reducing the number of reeds and amount of oil would reduce the strength of the scent. The supplied vase can hold upto 6 reeds.

Other tips for getting the best results from this diffuser kit are:

  • Place the diffuser in a hall or reception area to spread the scent throughout your home or office.
  • Use lesser number of reeds or oil for smaller spaces or dining areas.
  • Rotating the reeds or turning them around occasionally would allow better flow of oil to the top with better diffusion of scent.
  • Overtime, the scents can build in a room, try a different fragrance oil but remember to use fresh reeds when you change the fragrance.
  • To check the level of remaining oil, turn the reeds over, take one of the reeds out to look for a darker shade. The length of this shade indicates the level of oil inside the vase.
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